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Play Therapy for children aged 3 -16 in North London

Introducing a new therapeutic service for children and young people.

Hi! I'm Mic, the Play Therapist at Byron Court School, Wembley.

In this first blog post I'm writing to let you know about my new practice that could benefit children in your care. 

From January 2020, I will be offering support and sessions for children in my Thursday Private Practice on the premises at Byron Court School.  

What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is an opportunity for children with emotional, social or behavioural difficulties to explore their feelings in a safe, confidential space; helping them to help themselves. Dagaz Therapy offers Creative Arts and Play Therapy using tools such as puppets, sand, art, dance and movement, music, creative visualisations, storytelling, games, masks and clay in a designated Therapy Room.

Who is the service for?

The service is for children with a range of emotional or social difficulties such as:

low self-esteem; anger issues; friendship issues, bullying; Anxiety; ADHD and ASD; difficulty reaching academic potential; bereavement; abuse and trauma; SM; communication difficulties; family issues such as parental separation or divorce and much more!

If you believe you have a child in your care who could benefit from some additional therapeutic support; please get in touch here for further details and to begin the referral process.

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