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ABOUT Dagaz Therapy

It's totally normal for all of us to feel overwhelmed, anxious, angry or sad from time to time. As adults we usually have the coping skills and words to support and express ourselves in those moments. For our children though, this can sometimes be a little more tricky, leading to young people who withdraw or present with challenging behaviours that can be hard to know how to support.

At Dagaz Therapy, using a mixture of Creative Arts, Sandstory and Play Therapy tools, in-person or online, children and young people are offered a safe space to work through their feelings and try out new coping strategies to improve their emotional well-being and relationships.

Each session provides a fresh opportunity for free thinking, exploration and self expression through creative and play techniques, to help clients learn about themselves, their own needs and how to get them met safely and appropriatelyAlthough the therapy is predominantly child led, I may also introduce psycho-education on topics like sleep hygiene, the nervous system and healthy boundary setting too, where appropriate.

Therapeutic work is usually planned in blocks of 12 sessions and my method, (where possible) is to work with parents, carers and schools as well, creating a holistic support network and unified approach, using shared strategies to increase positive outcomes.

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