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When offering therapeutic behaviour support, my role coordinates a bespoke  behavioural plan between the young person, their families and school. Working closely with Julianne Miller, our joined up approach supports the academic and emotional growth and development of your child. Having an integrated approach to provision means that one set of expectations and one set of responses is used by the whole team, and this optimises the success rate. This link with school, or with SEND practitioners, helps educators to shift the underlying behaviour, so that learning is free to take place.


Using a mixture of tools such as metaphor, psychoeducation and wellbeing strategies, with a focus on self-esteem, resilience and a flexible mind-set, I work with Neurodiverse young people to increase their self-confidence, awareness, adaptability and perseverance. Sessions encourage the child to question their place in the world and the beliefs that hold them back from the success they seek. Delivering this work alongside Julianne’s creative and bespoke style of teaching, we have the unique opportunity to balance each young person’s individual experience, coordinating appropriate interventions, strategies and an approach that supports their learning and development: socially and emotionally.


Alongside working therapeutically with your young person, the plan provides regular Parent coaching sessions to complete the joined up approach Julianne and I have cultivated. We have witnessed this system deliver fantastic results for families due to its holistic, 360 degree approach. The coaching sessions offer a weekly or fortnightly space for you to download and digest recent events, as well as a focused time where I can share information to help you better understand why your child behaves the way they do, and then collaborate with you on the how, to develop specific strategies to accelerate progress, by embedding positive practices at home.

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