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Helping children to help themselves.

Experiencing loss, anxiety, low self esteem or big emotions such as anger and their associated behaviours can be frightening and isolating for children, their carers and teachers. Creative arts & Play Therapy offer a safe, confidential space for children to work through their feelings at their own pace, forming coping skills for life.

Play is the natural language of children, and offers them the opportunity to safely explore topics they may not yet understand or have the words to explain. My methods create a safe space for your child to heal and flourish: emotionally, academically and socially; in the therapy room, at school and at home.

The Dagaz Therapy "kit" comprises of art, clay, music, dance and movement, puppets,  storytelling, creative visualisations and of course, talking. I also offer Sandstory® and Sandtray therapy, combining the therapeutic use of sand and symbols with storytelling. 


During sessions, your child has the time to explore their thoughts and feelings and practice their responses in the contained environment of the therapy room; before taking them out into their wider world, better equipped to meet their full potential. 

If you are looking for support and advice, please get in touch today for a free consultation, to see if Dagaz Therapy could help you and your family.


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